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Climatic Thoughts is a monthly newsletter focused on how climate change impacts all aspects of our lives and solutions to mitigate it. An example of the former is  "A Climate of Aging" and an example of the latter is "Zero Emissions Aspirations". From time to time there may also be more reflective posts on my process of finding a new role in the climate space (see the Career category). Generally, the format is to put forth a position and defend it as a means of discovering clarity. Comments from readers will hopefully create discussion around posts that are more contentious. This newsletter is just one of many in a space that is quickly growing with great content. Here are some other newsletters and sites that I find to be quite informative:

Me, Nitin

Almost everyone who is inspired to work on climate change has a moment when they "got it". Mine came after reading This Changes Everything and The Uninhabitable Earth. Working in consumer technology allowed me to learn a great deal but once I "got it", all other problems paled in comparison. It was a surreal experience of walking by rows of colleagues diligently at work while the voice in my head screamed "Why does any of this matter when the literal Earth is burning!".

I'm fortunate to be able to take some time off to more methodically think about how I can best contribute to mitigating climate change. The primary means for my exploration is writing posts for this very newsletter. And to inspire these posts I also try to read as much as I can. They say, "You are what you eat" and in a similar vein I believe, "You are what you read". So here's a list of books in no particular order that have greatly shaped my view of the world:

And for consistency's sake, my top three cuisines are Mexican, Indian, and Chinese.