Cultivated meat is closer than we realize. Diving into the obstacles and opportunities as it makes its way to market

March 2022

Getting into the obstacles you'll face in your quest to prevent panels from going to the landfill

January 2022

Reckoning with the fact that climate change is already distorting the ways we experience familiar times and places.

December 2021

Should we shape the choices of key decision makers through empathy inducing experiences - without their knowledge?
An attempt to make a step change improvement in the thermodynamic performance of Stirling engines.

October 2021

Some learnings and advice on taking time off based on the past year of my own life.

September 2021

Some hypotheses on why our growing desire for belonging and the worsening climate crisis haven't produced more mainstream climate movements.

August 2021

Intersecting the trends of growing participation in the financial markets and a need for climate investment dollars is a once-in-a-generation…

July 2021

The pandemic has created an opportunity to cement remote work as a climate solution. And it's not just about cutting out driving.

June 2021

A climate adaptation technology that might have to help us adjust to a world on fire.

May 2021

The foundational ideologies of crypto aren't a great match for what's required to stop climate change. Something has to give.
The AEC industry can only do so much to reduce embodied carbon in our buildings. Real change requires turning our attention towards the real estate…